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Osaka Shalom

Gaius Lawrence
Senior Pastor

Church of Praise Apostolic Center President







Gaius Lawrence is the Senior Pastor of Church of Praise International, a congregation of believers meeting in Osaka, Japan. Gaius teaches the message of the Kingdom of God with power, insight, and makes it practical for daily living. He believes that through the knowledge of the principles of the Kingdom of God, every believer can become a victorious overcomer in every situation.
Gaius is also the president of two Bible Schools, Apostolic Center and WLI Japan (Wagner Leadership Institute Japan) and is also the leader of KCI (Kingdom Connection International) which is a gathering of pastoral and marketplace leaders who want to extend the Kingdom of God. Gaius serves as one of the leaders of the Apostolic Company, which gives oversight to the International Christian Leadership Connection (I.C.L.C.) network of churches, which has more than 3000 churches in over 50 nations. He is a member of HIM (Heartland International Ministries) and also the HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network) representative for Japan. He has contributed a lot in Japanese missionary. He also has a traveling ministry, and he has gone to many countries such as Philippines, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia and America. Gaius Lawrence resides in Osaka, Japan with his wife, Pastor Jaycie, and their two children, Asher and Jedidiah.

Jaycie Lawrence

Church of Praise International Christian School Principal







Jaycie Lawrence is the founder and administrator of Ikeda Church of Praise Christian School. Having received a Masters in Christian Education from Oral Robert's University, Jaycie possesses both extensive practical experience and knowledge. She is passionate about raising up a new generation of leaders in every field: in ministry, in government, education, business, and industry.



Gaius and Jaycie have been chosen as apostles for the apostolic company for the ICLC (International Christian Leadership Connection) Apostolic Network. They will now be given authority to help oversee the whole network around the world with other apostles in the apostolic company. There are around 10 to 12 apostles in the apostolic network.



1. To see multitudes of people know and experience Jesus Christ
2. To see the saints equipped for the work of ministry
3. To see children and youth equipped for ministry
4. To see 20 new churches established
5. To teach people the principles of the Kingdom of God
6. To equip people to function in the gifts of the Spirit
7. To equip the saints to deliver themselves and others from curses and demons
8. To equip the saints to experience the presence of God
9. To equip the saints to be successful spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and financially
10. To see a mighty revival in Japan
11. To send apostolic teams to nations
12. To see apostolic centers fully established in Tokyo and Osaka
13. To see the glory of God fill the nation of Japan
14. To see 10,000 souls come to Christ
15. To see wealth manifest to establish God's covenant on the earth
16. To see an apostolic center and a Christian school established in the north of Philippines
17. To equip five-fold ministers in the Word and in power