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What is Apostolic Center?

Vision “Entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2)

arrow Location Church of Praise International Osaka, Japan

arrowTime  Class:Every Tuesday 19:30-21:00

      Additional Seminars: Saturday or Sunday (No Set Schedule)


April-May 2015

Apostolic Centers-Wineskin for the New Era

The Church is changing back to what it was in the beginning. As teachers, prophets and apostles have been restored back to the body of Christ, now we are moving more towards apostolic centers to transform our cities and nations. In this New Apostolic Reformation we are in now, we are seeing that Apostolic Centers are being restored. These are not pastoral churches but they are apostolic churches which train and activate the believers to minister in every sphere of society. People are not trained just to be church leaders but everyone is trained because our daily work is ministry.

Apostolic Centers connect with house churches and also marketplace churches. Apostolic Centers are equipping centers where everyone is trained to be successful where God has put them. Not all local churches should become apostolic centers because apostolic center is most frequently the hub of apostolic networks. We must understand this new wineskin that God is using right now all over the world. These apostolic churches are the only segment of church that is growing faster than the world population and Islam. We must understand what apostolic centers are and what they do to make it successful in transforming cities and nations.

Some topics covered will be:

  • How are local churches different to apostolic centers?
  • Who are the leaders of these apostolic centers?
  • What is the focus of the apostolic centers?
  • How do house churches and local churches work with apostolic centers?
  • How do marketplace leaders work with apostolic centers?



The Great Transfer of Wealth- Financial release for advancing God's Kingdom

The Bible proclaims a coming day when God will release a great transfer of the world's wealth into the hands of His people. Why would God divert the world's wealth in such a manner? Would not such an enterprise be driven by greed or the evil spirit of mammon? Or might there be a higher purpose?

Through looking at God's prophecy, we will see that God will bring about a miraculous, worldwide financial transformation so that the great commission will be fulfilled and His kingdom will be established on earth. And these things will be witnessed by this generation.

All Bible believing Christians need to take steps to be prepared, for they will be the ones God uses to receive this blessing, influence the world, and help to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission.

Some topics covered will be:

  • How to neutralize the Spirit of Poverty
  • The Kingdom wealth cycle
  • Kingdom Philanthropy
  • How to receive the wealth transfer



The Secret Place-How to find God who hides (Tabernacle Prayer)

Many people pray and like to pray but many do not find God in their prayer life. Jesus told us that when we pray, we must go to the secret place to find God who is hidden. The Bible promises us that if we seek God, we will find God. Can we know God and His voice like Moses did and Jesus did? Can we actually know when we find God in our prayer life? The Bible tells us that we can. God wants us to seek Him so that we can find Him.

Why the secret place? Because we need to know the presence of God and know His touch upon our lives. We need to communicate deep within our spirits and not just in out minds. God has shown us how to find Him through the tabernacle prayer. We can go from the outer court to the Holy Place and then to the Most Holy Place. Jesus died so that we can go into the Most Holy Place boldly. The door is open but we must learn how to get to the Most Holy Place in the spirit. Are you longing to find God? Are you longing to really know that God is speaking to you? This course will train you to move into the Most Holy Place. Your prayer life will become a joy and not a burden!!

Some topics covered will be:

  • The three realms of prayer
  • Praying through the Tabernacle
  • How to wait on the Lord
  • Understanding the three doors to the Lord
  • How to hear God in the secret place


January-March 2016

Getting to know the Holy Spirit-Path to Total Freedom

When one is born again, the Holy Spirit came in to bring life into our spirit. Jesus told us that as He ministered to Hs disciples, the Holy Spirit will minister to us. The Bible tells us that if we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we will have freedom from every bondage. The Holy Spirit wants to come into our lives to totally set us free but we must understand that the Holy Spirit is a Person. The Holy Spirit has to be treated as a person so that we may have Him filling us always. Do you want to know the Holy Spirit as a friend? Do you want to understand how to be totally led by the Holy Spirit? This is your chance to get to know who the Holy Spirit is and how to get to know Him better.

Some topics covered will be:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • How do I have communion with the Holy Spirit?
  • What part does the Holy Spirit have in the Trinity?
  • Can I lose the presence of the Holy Spirit and if I can, how do I get Him back?
  • How do I get possessed by the Holy Spirit?
  • How does freedom come from the Holy Spirit?


arrowTeachers Apostle Gaius Lawrence、Guest Speakers

arrowRequirements for Entry  

  You must be 18 years or older to apply. You may apply and enter the classes at any time of the year. If you are interested in joining the classes, please contact the office to recieve the required documents.

arrow Fees

1 Course 18,000 yen
2 Courses 35,000 yen

All Courses 65,000 yen

Correspondence Students

You must listen to classes recorded on CD. You are required to write reports and take tests. (Tests will be taken at the school)

1 Course 18,000 yen
2 Courses 35,000 yen

All Courses 65,000 yen

Audit Students

You may attend classes but you are not required to write reports or take tests.

1 Course 16,000 yen

2 Courses 30,000 yen

All Courses 60,000 yen

Contact Information

Tel. 0727-51-5202 / Fax. 072-751-5381

Payment Information

Cash Payments: please pay at the school office

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Mistybishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

Branch Office: IKEDA Shiten (all in JapaneseCharacters, 池田市店)

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Bank Account no.: 0137383

Account Holder: Rorensu Geyasu Charles (all in Japanese Characters, ローレンス ゲヤス チャールズ)