Church of Praise International
Adress:Ikeda city, Koda 2-11-5, Osaka, Japan, 563-0043


☆Church Directions
(1)Church Shuttle Bus

・Church shuttle (see the picture below) runs from Ikeda station to church.
・When: Every Sunday
It starts at 10:45am when we don’t have morning class.
It starts at 9:45am when we have morning class.

※We don’t have 10:45am shuttle when we have morning class to secure the study time for our shuttle drivers, but you are not our church member and if you let us know that you are coming to our service by 5:00pm on Friday(2days before the Sunday), we will come to pick you up at the Ikeda station. If you contact us after 5:00pm on Friday, it won’t work.


・Pick- up place: General car’s pick-up place at Ikeda station rotary, (See the pictures below) The farthest lane of the rotary from the station.

・Return;? Church shuttle runs from church to Ikeda station after the service. It will be announced when it starts.


These are the pictures of pick-up place.

(2) Hankyu Bus

Take No22 or No29 bus at Hankyu Ikeda station. The nearest station from our church is “Hachioji 2chome”.

Reference site: Hankyu Bus railway map, timetable of Ikeda station.



(3) Rental Bike

・300 yen for 1 day (1time) (if you will use electric bicycle; 400 yen for 1 day (1 time)

・rental place: Hankyu Ikeda station east bicycle parking area / Ishibashi station the second central bicycle parking area.