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Osaka Shalom


Month of Nissan


1. Month to begin the redemption cycle of Favor and Blessings (Ex.12:1, 2).

2. Month to consecrate yourself as priest to God (Ex.40:2, 17). The Tabernacle was set up and completed on the 1st day of Nissan. Aaron and his sons began serving as@priests and the Divine Presence began to dwell in the tabernacle.

3. Month to learn the right offerings for God to produce life and not death (Lev.10:1-2). Strange fire was offered by Aaronfs sons and they were killed.

4. Month to cleanse ourselves so that we can minister before the Lord and extend His Kingdom (Num.19:1-22).

5. Month to sharpen the vision of your inheritance (Joshua 2:1). Joshua sent spies to see the land that was promised and they went into Canaan.

6. Month to remove the leaven (Ex.12:15). Before Passover, all the houses made sure that there were no leaven in the house. We need to allow the Lord to cleanse the temple (Mt.21:10-19).

7. Month to understand the New Covenant of the Blood of the Lamb that takes us out of Egypt to take us into the Land of the Kingdom of Light (Ex.12:6).

8. Month to understand the resurrection power of Jesus and release it into every part of our lives (Lev.23:10-11).

9. Month to receive teaching on the Kingdom of God so that the Holy Spirit can make us a witness of the Kingdom (Acts 1:3).

10. Month to see the walls of opposition to come down by the sound of a shout (Joshua 6:20).

11. Month of the Tribe of Judah (Gen.49:8-12; Deut.33:7).

-Love from brothers.
- Hand on the neck of your enemies.
- Things will bow down to you.
- Lion anointing.
- Eternal scepter.
- Eternal rulerfs staff between your feet.
- Nations and the Jewish people will obey.
- Robes of wine and teeth whiter than milk.
- Hands are trained to defend.
- Help in battle.